Dutch Boy fast freezing propeller HVAC 30ml

Product Price $ 1,800
Prevent noise
Electronic cleaning
Product Features:
Cleaning is the characteristic of this product.It can improve the efficiency of the system.
reduce the wear and load of the compressor. increase the flow of refrigerant and refrigerating
oil through the system. improve the efficiency of the cold storage room. protect the pipeline
from corrosion. prevent pipeline blockage. prevent pipeline scaling. and dissolve expansion
Dirt and stickiness in the valve. Dredge and release the dirt and residual glue of the valve
Function application:
• Suitable for all refrigeration oils and refrigerants
• Prevent blockage of air conditioning system equipment pipeline
• Improve heat transfer and increase the efficiency of air-conditioning and cooling rooms
• Reduce system noise and reduce compressor load
• Restore the air outlet temperature of the original factory to improve the efficiency of the
air-conditioning cold room
• Solve the slight blockage of the expansion valve
• Specially clean the dirt of the evaporator and condenser, the compressor plunger sensor.
and the pressure regulating valve. and improve the problem of poor electronic induction.
• Will not cause damage to pipelines or compressors. including air conditioner cleaning
machines. recycling machines. and AC machines
• Non-hardening material. no polymer. to ensure that it will not cause pipeline blockage.
• Compatible with any AC lubricants based on POE. PAG and mineral oil
• Can also be used for preventive maintenance and kept in the system
Usage and application:
It can be used in automotive HFO R1234yf/R12/R134 industrial. commercial and residential and
all types of AC applications. HVAC household commercial air conditioners use 50ml per 6 tonnage
and 30ml for less than 3 tonnage.Add 20ml to the total amount of automotive air-conditioning
refrigerant within 600 grams 600~1200g add 30ml.It can be used in car refrigerators and any
small portable refrigerators and air conditioners.1ml per 10 liter capacity.50 liters
car refrigerator add 6ml

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