Threadlocker high strength(2024)

Threadlocker high strength
Further information
A high strength threadlocker for use on all metal fasteners (including
stainless steel and those with protective coatings such as zinc) where
regular removal is not required. Excellent for securing fasteners that must
withstand heavy shock, vibration, or extreme chemical or environment
conditions. Recommended for permanently locking studs on engine
blocks and pump housings. The product has special lubricating qualities
for use on fasteners “as received” for easy assembly and good coefficient
of friction for accurate clamp forces. Approved and certified to NSF
(ANSI-61 and P1).
Application Examples
Flywheel to Crank Shaft Bolts, Cylinder Head Bolts, Exhaust Manifold
Bolts, Torque Converter Bolts, Connecting Rod Cap Bolts

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